About us

Our company

Brede doo is a multi-service company, born from the union of different competencies that its team has developed in several fields of the medical world. The result of these experiences has allowed us to create a dynamic and professional structure, able to range its activity outside the borders of the medical market.

Initially dedicated in supplying endoscopic equipment only to a few selected laboratories, in a short time we were able to expand our portfolio, and now, thanks to special agreements made with the best producers on the market and the development of the new internet platform, we are about to expand our reach even further, with the same undiminished enthusiasm.

From the very beginning Brede has choose to establish a relationship of trust and cooperation with all the other companies operating in the market as an alternative to the official company. Our challenge inspires us to become the reference point for those who seek a multi-brand supplier, efficient, on time and with uncompromising quality. The spare parts supplied by our society, if they are not OEM , they are still the result of a careful selection which allowed us to choose only the best available products on the market. The high quality is in fact guaranteed by the selected and certificated producers.

A proven method and a constructive approach allow to enhance and bring out our work. In this regard we believe that focusing on quality is now more than ever the right choice to make. The very notion of "earning" in fact, according to the interpretation which is given, it can also lead to diametrically opposite meanings. Just a simple shade may alter the whole content. In our opinion earning is not "spend less", but rather "spend better"!

If you share this thought, and consider "earning" as an added value, for sure you will find interesting what Brede can offer you.